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Manta Ray Junior Set

Start your kids or grand kids the correct way! Cut-down clubs were fine when we started playing, but kids today have shorter attention spans due to their electronic gadgets and the internet. Cutting the shafts of clubs makes them stiffer, thus decreasing loft and making it harder for a child.

Ray Cook Junior Sets are designed to help a youngster get the ball airborne. When kids get the ball in the air, they have more fun, and will have a greater chance of loving the game like you do.

Age Groups:

3-5 Years Boys (Blue) or Girls (Pink)

Driver, Wedge, Putter & Stand Bag

Available In Right Handed

6-8 Years (Red)

Driver, Iron, Wedge, Putter & Stand Bag

Available In Right Handed

9-12 Years (Yellow)

Driver, Hybrid, Iron, Wedge, Putter & Stand Bag     <<<<

Available In Right Handed