Larry Eichenauer, inventor and Venice, Florida resident, has many credits to his name. He has 4 patents and was the first in the country to start a retail and wholesale packaging warehouse that incorporated the concept of packing and shipping items for individuals. He started “The Box Store” in 1979, a year before Mail Boxes Etc. started their business.

Over the years he has marketed and sold several products. He first started inventing games for a marketing class project in college. Fifteen years later he started a company, producing a game for children called “Zookeeper”. This fun game for children he sold to most of the zoos throughout the country.

After recently retiring from a career in packaging design and sales he saw a need for a card game about golf. With many years experience in graphic design, sales and marketing he developed all the graphics and managed the production for this innovative game.

He started a company called “GamzWiz” with the anticipation of creating many other games. In his words, “Other than playing golf, I now have the time to focus my energy on something I really enjoy”.

Fun for

All Ages,